Big or Small, We Can Tow ‘Em All

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do at Myles Wrecker Service without our comprehensive fleet of trucks, flatbeds and wreckers. We’ve drawn upon decades of experience in the trucking industry to assemble a fleet of trucks fit to handle any type of towing or recovery project in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Tow truck expertise all comes down to understanding each truck type and its specific applications:

Medium- to Heavy-Duty Towing

Myles Wrecker Service utilizes a fleet of four tow trucks to minimize cost, saving you precious money on any local or long-distance towing projects. We see no need to send full-size heavy wreckers for tasks they are overqualified to handle. We economically choose quick-swap units to take care of your towing needs without incurring any added costs or charges.

Rotator / Rigging / Recovery / Super Heavy Towing & RV Towing

Myles Wrecker Service is equipped with two 50-ton wreckers, which allow us to handle a comprehensive array of heavy-duty jobs. We can tow any crane, bus, RV or other heavy-duty vehicle in a timely and damage-free manner. We also specialize in heavy lifting, rigging, rollover accident recoveries, and much more. No job is too unwieldy for our highly trained technicians.

Equipment Transport/Oversized Loads

We specialize in hauling anything that can fit on our 55-ton lowboy and industrial carrier flatbed. From man lifts to excavators or anything in between, Myles Wrecker Service is fully licensed, insured and equipped to haul your property locally or out of state.

Landoll/Tilt Trailer Hauling

At Myles Wrecker Service, our diverse fleet of trucks also contains multiple 53-foot tilt landoll trailers that can handle transport of any oddly shaped or disabled items that require heavy-duty winches to be loaded onto the trailer.

Light-Duty Towing

We can tow any car, passenger van, pickup truck or motorcycle you own with our fleet of rollbacks and wheel-lift wreckers. We can get into any tight spot like garages and parking decks to remove disabled vehicles. Myles Wrecker Service offers the finest light-duty towing services you’ll find in the greater Atlanta area.

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