Do You Have An Unwanted Vehicle?

Are you looking to sell an old, non-functioning or otherwise unwanted vehicle? Not sure that a dealership will accept your car as a trade-in? Worry not-- Myles Wrecker Service is here to help. On top of our towing, recovery and roadside assistance services, Myles Wrecker Service also offers junk car removal services. That means we’ll buy your vehicle for cash, on the spot, towing it away at no added cost to you.

Free & Honest Estimates

From trucks to compact cars and everything in between, Myles Wrecker Service will offer a fair price for your unwanted vehicle. No need to make any repairs or fixes to your car. Even if it doesn’t run, we’ll take it. We check our prices against industry standards from the Kelley Blue Book and other trusted data sources. You can count on us for honesty and transparency in our pricing practices.

We’ll Buy Your Car!

Don’t stress yourself out trying to find a dealership that will take your vehicle off your hands. Many new vehicle dealerships won’t even touch a used vehicle if they don’t think they can make an easy profit on it. We understand the value of your vehicle and its parts, and you can expect us to deliver that value to you, in cash, on the spot. Call today to learn more!